Nursing Home

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NURSING HOME: Long Term/Rehabilitation Care
Word Count: 475 (4 minutes)
Paragraphs: 7
Voice: Female (Persuasive)
Music: Easy Listening
Paragraph Topics:
1. Individual Care Needs/Overall Well-Being
2. Volunteers
3. Commitment To Care/Schedule A Tour
4. Physical Therapy Services
5. Our Rehabilitation Goal
6. Care Plans
7. Speech Therapy

1. Our health care services are designed to promote the maximum personal independence, health, safety, self-esteem, and dignity of our residents. We are dedicated to meeting the individual care needs with consistency, warmth, and respect. Residents are encouraged to take part in community life, and to pursue individual interests as well. Care is provided by friendly, professional staff who are committed to the overall well-being of our residents.

2. Volunteers are a very important facet of the care we offer at our facility. They help provide a variety of activities for our residents and, more important, become their friends or companions. They also help residents stay involved in community activities and community life. If you would like to volunteer to invest some of your time with our residents, please let us know. Your willingness to share your time, talents and friendship with our residents is deeply appreciated.

3. A warm, home-like atmosphere awaits all who enter our facility, where we deliver professional, quality skilled nursing care and rehabilitative services. As our residents enjoy the comprehensive care and quality programming, family members appreciate our commitment to care. When we return, we can offer driving directions, or help you schedule a tour of our facilities.

4. Have you lost functional independence as a result of injury or illness? Do you need to regain strength and balance or mobility and walking skills? Has your physician ordered physical therapy? We can help you. Our physical therapists work closely with physicians and nursing staff to set up treatment programs that are tailored to your needs and goals. Ask about our physical therapy services when we return to your call.

5. Our rehabilitation goal is to make it easier for you to carry out everyday activities that most people take for granted. We try to get you where you can take care of yourself again and return home. Even if you remain in our center, physical therapy still allows you to do more for yourself. We make every effort for the rehabilitation experience to be one of both joy and accomplishment: a time when hope is restored.

6. An organized program of nursing services is in place to meet the nursing and personal care needs of our residents. Care plans are designed by the resident's physician and our nursing staff with input from family members and the resident to ensure that individual needs are met every day. 

7. Speech therapy is the treatment of speech and communication disorders. The approach used in our speech therapy program depends on the specific challenges faced by the patient. It may include physical exercises to strengthen the muscles used in speech, speech drills to improve clarity, or sound production practice to improve articulation. Following a stroke or other injury, our occupational therapists work one-on-one with you or your loved one to regain functional communication, dramatically improving recovery.

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