Custom Message Included With Refurbished Player

$ 362.95

Branding your business is important. Hold for Less offers a customized on-hold program specifically for your company. We offer a unique concept because, unlike other on-hold companies, you get all the support you would expect to develop and generate a one-of-a-kind, fully licensed on-hold message, with none of the monthly bills. This message is yours forever.

Our completely customized message programs are between 4 and 8 minutes in length (dependent on message length purchased), and range from 550 to 1,100 words. We include scriptwriting, your choice of background music and voice talents.

Messages are delivered to you via e-mail. To play your new message, you will be provided our REFURBISHED MP3 and WMA message player. Connect the player to your PC with a USB cable and drag and drop your Hold for Less audio file. The unit will then play from the internal memory to your hold line. This unit also has a removable SD Media card slot (card optional), which can make it even easier to load audio.

* Industry Specific On-Hold Messages
* Your choice of paragraphs on a wide range of industry topics
* Background Music of your Choice
* Refurbished MP3 Message On Hold Unit
* Connects to any phone system

This is a REFURBISHED digital music-on-hold playback system, and as such Hold for Less offers a 90-day warranty against any technological defects.

Please see the Product Tour for more information.

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Return Authorization (RA) 


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