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I'm a small business owner and don't have a phone system. The basic phone lines I have from the telephone company seem to be fine for my situation. Can I still have on hold messaging?

Yes. You can have on hold messages. You will need a 2-line or 4-line on hold adapter, a digital music on hold player and an on hold message for your business type. The adapter you need will depend on the type and model of the phone you have. Visit our adapters section to find the adapter that's right for you.


Do I need a professional to install the message on hold equipment or can I do it myself? Who can install it for me if i need help installing it?

If you are somewhat technically inclined or have a basic understanding of how telephones work, installing the message on hold equipment is straight forward and easy. If you have a business phone system, the installation is even easier as you will not need an on hold adapter and most business phone systems have a ready to go on hold port built in. In any case, if the thought of installing the system yourself is overwhelming, we suggest you get a little help from a local business telephone vendor. It should take them less than an hour to have you up and going.


Do I have to buy the music on hold player and script separately?

No. When you purchase any of our message on hold equipment, you will receive a free 60 second generic on hold program. However, the greatest benefit to having an on hold program is delivering content that portraits the image of your business and uses your hold time as a marketing opportunity. To maximize your investment, check out our industry generic and custom on hold programs.


How do I know if my phone system can accept music on hold?

For starters, check our "Phone System Compatability" chart to see if your phone system is MOH ready. Most business phone systems have a music on hold port built in, creating an easy plug and play installation. If you do not have a phone system, you will need an adapter. If you have any questions, let us know using our "Contact Us" form.


What is the best type of playback equipment for on hold use?

All of our systems are designed to playback your on hold program at the highest quality. When choosing message on hold equipment, you should first start with deciding which type of loading technology you are comfortable with. Check out our How to get started page for a detailed explanation.


What is the audio output level from the on hold players and is it adjustable?

All of our players have an adjustable volume control which is operated at an 8 OHM output. Some of the players will have a switch for 600 OHM and 1000 OHM levels as well while some may have two seperate audio output jacks. Click here to see our message on hold equipment.


What if I purchase the message on hold equipment and find out it won't work on my phone system. Can I get my money back?

Click here to read our return policy.


Can I use a radio for my on hold service?

Not without paying the proper licensing fees. The Better Business Bureau has done a great job of explaining the legalities associated with playing the radio on hold. One thing to consider is that playing the radio fails to take advantage of the time on hold that you could be promoting your business and reinforcing your brand. Why play the radio and build other business, when building your business on hold is so affordable. Don't miss that opportunity. Click here for a customized on hold program designed specifically for your business.


Can I use my CD player with one of my CD's for my on hold service?

Sure. When you download our digital on hold messages, they are supplied in the standard MP3 format. You can easily burn them to any CD media format. However, keep in mind that standard CD players are not designed to spin 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That's why we sell commercial on hold players. Our players are solid state devices designed to last for decades. Click here to shop for the latest on hold players.


When callers are placed on hold, will they always hear the beginning of the message?

No. They will enter the message at whatever point it is in the loop. Our players and programs are designed to play continuously over and over. Imagine it like a television playing a program in a loop, when you leave the room and come back, you'll enter at whatever point the program is.


Is there a warranty with the on hold unit I buy? And who services the unit?

All units come with a manufacturers warranty. Each manufacturer provides a different warranty. Be sure and read about the specified warranty before your purchase. Click Here to read the Hold For Less warranty policy.


What kind of space does the unit take up? How does it mount or can I sit it on a shelf?

Most of the players we carry have a very small footprint (8" x 11" or smaller) and are designed to be wall or shelf mounted. More detailed information is available on each product page. Also, each product page will contain a link to the owners manual for exact sizes and mounting options.


How do I load the message?

How the messages load is the biggest difference between the players we carry. Currently we offer systems that can be loaded using a USB media stick, SD media card, using a USB port on your PC, CD media, and even over the network via IP technology. To view our various on hold players, click here.


Does a message come with it?

Yes. A 60 second generic on hold message is included with every player. However, the greatest benefit to having an on hold message program is delivering content that portrays the image of your business and uses your hold time as a marketing opportunity. To maximize your investment, check out our industry generic and custom on hold programs.


Will it come back on after a power outage?

The message is stored in digital flash memory and is retained after a power outage..


Do I leave it on or do I have to turn it on or off everyday?

Because our message on hold equipment utilizes solid state electronics, they are designed to be left on all the time.


Will it play on all of my phones in my office?

If you have a business phone system, the hold message will be played on all the lines that go through your phone system. If you are using an on hold adapter, the message will play on all the lines that are connected to your adapter.


I have a office that is divided into seperate departments. Can I have a seperate message for each department?

This is determined by the programming capability of your phone system. This question should be answered by your current business telephone vendor.


The message isn't playing on hold. I know the message is on the unit. What do I do?

First, double check that the message is playing from the unit by pressing the speaker button on the unit. If your unit does not have an external speaker, you may try connecting a small speaker or set of headphones. If in fact the unit is playing the audio, next check all the wiring from the player to the phone system. Next, check the programming of the phone system to make sure that "message on hold" is enabled. If this doesn't work, contact your local business telephone vendor.


Where can I find information on my phone system about how music on hold connects to it?

First, check our "Phone System Compatibility" chart. If your system is not on our list, Google it. If that doesn't get you an answer, check with you local telephone vendor.


Do I need to do anythign on my part to prepare before I purchase or have the unit installed?

Learn as much information as you can about your telephone setup and the easier your install will be. Here's some things to consider... Do you have a phone system? What type of on hold port does it have? If you don't have a phone system, how many phone lines do you have? Which on hold adapter is best for your scenario? Which on hold player loading technology do you prefer? Will you need an industry generic message or a customized program?


I have an IP based (Network Capable) phone system (I.E - cisco, etc). Do I need to have a music on hold unit?

Some IP based phone systems have the player functionality built-in. All you do is upload an audio file to the server. Other IP based systems provide a music on hold port for your standard player. (I.E. - Shortel). You will need to determine what the exact specifications are for your system.


What if I want a unit that will do music on hold but play a different message at night after hours?

Check out the Nel-tech Messager MP3 with Night Answer capabilities.


I lost the manual for my music on hold unit. Where can I get another one?

Product Manuals are listed on each individual product page.


Are there any advantages of having a removable media unit over an IP based or other units or vice versa?

There are no quality advantages. Any advantages would be subject to your particular application. That's why we offer all the possible types of loading options. Click here to see our players.


I already have message on hold equipment. Can I still buy one of your scripts and load it on to it?

Yes. All of our digitally downloadable programs are provided in a standard MP3 format. There are lots of free programs available that can easily convert the MP3 to the format you need for your message on hold equipment.