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We’ve designed this website to give you easy and affordable access to software for music on hold, message equipment, and quality on hold programs that deliver real on hold marketing results for your business. Every on hold ad can be easily previewed and when you’re ready to buy, simply add it to your shopping cart and checkout. After checkout, your on hold equipment is shipped and your new digital on hold files are available for instant download (Instant download is not applicable for customized on hold programs).


1. Choose an On Hold Message for your business.


All of our message programs are skillfully crafted using professional voice artist and mixed with a complimentary music selection. The on hold program that you choose can be a music only program, generic hold message, an industry generic message (i.e. car dealership) “, or something completely customized to your business and brand.

Here’s some examples to help you decide which program will work best for your business.

On Hold Music - “Just music... no words”

Generic Message - “Thank you for holding, we appreciate your patience while on hold.”

Industry Specific Message - “Looking for a new car and want a large selection? Not a problem. Credit challenged? Not a problem. We specialize in helping you find the perfect automobile that fits both your lifestyle and your budget. Thank you for calling, we will be with you as soon as we can give you our complete attention.”

Customized Message - “Thank you for calling “Chapel Road Animal Clinic and Pet Resort”, where the lifelong health of your pet is our commitment. From those newborn tiny balls of fur to the mature pet years, we offer complete preventative health care for your pet. Chapel Road Animal Clinic is a full-service hospital, capable of handling a case of the sniffles or a major disease. We look forward to serving your needs momentarily.”


2.Choose an On Hold Player.


There are several types of digital message repeaters available. Our categories include: Removable Media Load, CD Load and IP Load.

The first step in knowing which player is best for your business is about deciding which technology you’re most comfortable with. Here’s your choices.

Removable Media Load - This process requires you to insert a removable media device in your PC and drag your newly downloaded digital on hold file to the USB Stick or Media card. Once your digital on hold file is copied, you simply take the removable media device to the on hold player (in your phone room) and plug it in. It will immediately begin playing your new message.

CD Load - The CD load system requires you to place a blank CD in your PC CD burner and burn the newly downloaded audio file to your CD. Once your digital on hold file is burned, you simply take the CD to the on hold player (in your phone room) and insert it. It will immediately begin playing your new message.

IP Load - The IP Load system allows you to remotely load your new digital on hold message over your existing network from your desktop PC. Proprietary PC software is supplied.


3. Will you need and On Hold Adapter?


The answer to this question is determined by whether or not you have a business phone system. Most business phone systems have a message on hold port built in to the main brain or KSU. Check out our phone system compatibility chart to see if your business phone system has a plug and play on hold port.

If you do not have a business phone system, you most likely have a 2 line or 4 line analog phone. These types of phones are often purchased from Office Depot, Staples or Office Max.

In this case you will need a 2 line or 4 line music on hold adapter. You can view our adapters here. For information about which adapter will work best with your phones, click here.