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What are on hold adapters used for?

On Hold Adapters are designed to add Message On Hold capabilities to standard non-ksu analog telephones. While a standard telephone may have a hold button, none of the standard telephones have a place to plug in a message on hold player. If you want message on hold, you must use a device that electronically bridges the telephone hold button with the on hold player to play the audio over the phone line. We carry a number of on hold adapters designed to work with 2 or 4 lines. Click here to view our adapters.


Do they work with any phone on the market today?

Yes. We carry adapters that will work with any phone. Also, we carry adapters that are designed to work with very specific phones as well. Click here to search our database for your phone model to see which adapter is right for your phone make and model.


I have a phone that is old and not sold anymore, can I use it or do I need to replace it?

You can most likely use your existing phone. We carry a variety of adapters to fit various applications. If you are unsure about which is best for you, check out our FAQ's page or email us your question using our "Contact Us" form.


How do I place someone on hold with one of the adapters?

The adapters we carry are activated using different techniques. Some use the hold button of your telephone. Others use the star button and we have some that use a special connector called a TEHMA.


Do I need an adapter for each phone I have in my office or does it matter how many phones I have?

No, you do not need an adapter for each phone. However, you will need to consider how many phone lines you have.


Will it interfere with the answering machine or voice mail system I have on my phones?

No. It should not interfere with you answering machine or voicemail.


Are they easy to install? Or do I need someone to install it for me? How much will it cost to have it installed for me and how do I go about setting that up?

If you are somewhat technically inclined or you have a basic understanding of how telephones work, installing the adapter is straight forward and easy. If the thought of installing this system yourself seems overwhelming, we suggest you get a little help from your local business telephone vendor. It should take less than an hour.


I see you have 2 line and 4 line adapters. What if I have more than 4 lines in my office not including the fax?

Our adapters only support up to 4 lines. However, if you have amore than 4 lines it is likley that you have a business phone system and, business phone systems almost always have a message on hold port built in.