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Does the generic message have background music on it?



Do I get to choose a female or male talent in the Generic Message?

We offer several different variations of generic messages including different music styles, different voices. We invite you to spend a little time previewing the various messages available Click to hear what's playing.


What does it consist of?

Our generic messages consist of programs that vary from "Mostly Music" to "Mostly Voice" on hold programs. "Mostly Music" will contain 4 minutes of music and 1 -2 paragraphs of voice with a re-assuring message like... "Thank you for holding. Someone will be with you momentarily." Our "Mostly Voice" program will consist of 4 minutes of music with 5 - 6 re-assuring messages.


Do I own it when i buy it?



How long will it take to get it playing on hold?

If you already have a digital announcement system, the digital on hold file will be available for download immediately after your purchase. If you do not already have a digital announcement system, you can expect for your on hold system to arrive in approximately 5 - 6 business days. Keep in mind that your digital audio file is immediately available for download and will need to be obtained within 24 hours of your purchase.


Will it have anything about my company?

No. If you have a need for custom information, please check out our Custom Production offer.