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How many different messages are on your recording you produce?

Our generic on hold programs will be 3 minutes in length and contain 4 - 6 messages per production. The generic industry specific programs will be 4 minutes in length and contain 6 - 8 messages per production. Custom programs are generally 4 minutes in length and contain 6 - 8 messages per production, however, custom programs can be any length you request. Please keep in mind custom programs greater than 4 minutes will cost more.


Do we have to write our own scripts? If not, do you have professional script writers that can write one for my company and what do they need from me to do that?

When requesting a custom production, you can provide us with a ready to go script or we can write one for you. Many times clients will simply provide us with an outline of important topics to get started. If you like, we can fax you a script interview form as well. In any case, we are positioned to help you develop a program that is effective and delivers exactly the message you want conveyed.


How do we select background music we want for our on hold messages? How many selections do I get?

We have hundreds of background music styles available for your customer production. We will provide you with a user name and password that will give you access to our client website where you can listen to our music and voice selections. You can also access these resources by dialing into our telephone virtual studio.


Can I make my own on hold production?

At this time, we do not have any way for this to be done.


What benefits can I expect from a customized message on hold?

Click Here to go to our page that explains the benefits of using on hold marketing.


Do I get to select my voice talents? What are my choices? How many can I have?

Yes. You can select your voices. We employ 20 of the nations greatest voice over artist. Each custom production can have up to 2 voices.


Once I place my order, how long does it take to produce my production?

If your order is placed with a finalized "ready to record" script, we will have a proof for your review in 4 business days. If we are writing your script for you, a typical timeline with reviews and proofs will take 5 - 8 business days.


How long is a typical production?

4 minutes in length with music. This will be approximately 550 words or less.


Can I hear what my production will sound like before it's sent to me?

Absolutely, Your final approval is an essential part of the process.


How often can I change the content of my production?

You can change it as often as you like by simply logging on to the Hold for Less site and ordering a new Custom Production. If you are certain that you'll be changing your program often, you should consider one of our Custom on Hold Packages that will allow you to change your message up to 4, 6 or 12 times per year for a greatly discounted rate.


How long can my message be? Is there a limit to how many paragraphs I can have?

Our standard custom production is 4 minutes in length and contains 550 words or less. Lengths greater than this will cost more. Feel free to ask us for a special quote.


Can I get an email or fax reminder to change my message?

When you choose one of our Custom On Hold Packages you will receive automated reminders of when it's time to change your message. You will also have access to our client website. This site is designed with all the tools you need to manage your message on hold program.


Can we use our own music?

Unfortunately... No, All of our productions must be completed with music that we have properly licensed. However, we will work to make sure that we supply you with music that more than meets your expectations.


Does the message loop?

The message is created in a way that allows it to seemlessly loop. All digital on hold players on this site are designed to automatically loop your message.