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Hold For Less is your discount source for everything on hold and our royalty free music on hold offering stands true to that philosophy with No Contracts or Monthly Fees.

Our royalty free music on hold is designed specifically to enhance the hold time experience of your callers. Buy any selection now for a low one time fee of $39.95 and use it for life. We invite you to click on and shop our music styles below!


Choose a style and get started!


Bring your caller back to a happier time when the big band orchestras filled the night clubs and air waves with their soothing toe tapping music.
Settle back and loose all perception of time while listening to the relaxing and soothing music styling of our easy listening royalty free music on hold programs.
Will give your hold line that down home feeling with up-beat fiddling and harmonic playing that creates visions of peaceful country roads and flavorful people.
If you are looking for an urban sound to complete the image of your business this is the place to stop, choose from a wide range of beats and styles within this selection.
From the smoky clubs of Chicago to venues all over the county Blues has always been an emotionally charged music that settles and relaxes its listeners.
Our wide selection of jazz covers the gamut, so if you do not hear what you were looking for at first be sure to listen to some more selections.
The sound of Louisiana and the French Canadians that settled there with Creole and Zydeco influences are transported to the French Quarter while on hold.
Give your business and your hold line a Latin feel with one of our selections from this group. You will find many styles and tempos of Latin music in this selection from a spicy mix to dance and ballot.
The carefree sounds of youth that bring to mind playgrounds, lemonade stands and a exuberance found only in the open and constantly learning minds of the youth.
Many will contend that piano is the perfect solo instrument and needs no other support. This collection of inspiring piano solos will make a believer out of you as well.
Create the air of elegance and sophistication with classical royalty free music on hold with Baroque and Romantic influences this program will create lasting first impressions.
This music has a cool easy going flow that will create a peaceful on hold experience for your callers while they wait.
The big sound of our corporate music exudes motivation, success and power. This royalty free music on hold program will be the finishing touch on any image building campaign.
From classic to soft our rock collection of royalty free music on hold can give your business that unique sound and flavor you were looking for.
This program captures the essence of the heartland and hard working Americans that made this land great! It is everything you would want for Country.
If you have a high energy business than this music selection will represent you well. Fast paced and futuristic this music can be the perfect fit for your hold line.
A hot summer day, fair grounds and up-beat music played only the way Dixieland can deliver, this music on hold program will leave you up-beat with a smile on your face.


Hold For Less Royalty Free Music terms of uses.

Our royalty free music on hold selections are licensed for use at a single location only. If you have multiple locations, you will need to purchase multiple selections. Copying and or redistribution of the music on hold selections are strictly prohibited. Each music selection is licensed for the specific use of music on hold and may not be used in any other manor.