Banking - General #3

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Create Positive First Impressions, Reduce hang-ups, and Increase Business with a Banking targeted on hold program

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Banking: General
Word Count: 460 (4 minutes)
Paragraphs: 6
Voice: Female (Direct)
Music: Positive Pop
Paragraph Topics:
1. Customer Service Line
2. Debit Card
3. New Web Site
4. Interest Earning Accounts
5. Certificate of Deposit
6. Credit Lines

1.  We appreciate your call today and look forward to serving you. Did you know you can find out information about your accounts any time, day or night?   Just call our customer service line anytime.  You can find out information about your checking account, savings account, CD's, loans and more.  We're your hometown bank. Call us anytime!

2. Do you have a debit card? Our debit card is the quick and easy way to access your checking account.  It looks like a credit card but works like a check.  Purchases are automatically debited from your checking account, just as if you'd written a check. With instant recognition at over 12 million places that take Visa or MasterCard, it saves time at the checkout counter and does away with check approval hassles.  Your debit card is also an A-T-M card, which can be used to access your account at A-T-M locations throughout the world.  Best of all, your debit card is free! It's just another example of high tech, high service banking with the human touch!

3. We know you're always looking for information on how to better operate your business.  That's why we've introduced our new web site.  Now you can get up to date information on how to finance your new business or take advantage of our great time saving business services.  Ask about our website when we return to the line and see how easy it can be to get your business banking questions answered.

4.  Thanks for your patience. We're working quickly to return to your call and address your concerns. If you need to keep your business funds readily available, and you want your money to earn the highest interest it can, consider our account options that earn great interest rates.  Make your money work harder for you. Ask for more information on interest earning accounts when we return to the line.

5. Get paid to let someone else use your money! How can you do that? Consider investing your money in a Certificate of Deposit. CDs offer a fixed rate of return for a specific amount of time so a certificate of deposit is your smart investment choice!  Simply deposit the minimum and receive a rate increase every six months- guaranteed!  For more information, ask one of our representatives when they return to the line.

6. We work hard to make life a little easier with a few less hassles. That's why we invite you to establish a special credit line for you or your family.  It's your personal, pre-approved line of credit.  With this special credit line, you simply write a check to shop, travel, cover emergencies or pay school tuitions.  Ask us for more information about the convenience of a special credit line today.

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