Radio on hold sends the wrong signals

At first glance, it might appear that you have many options for content on hold for your business phone system. But some of those options include several snares that should be avoided. One of those is playing the radio on hold.

Playing the radio on hold can have several negative impacts on your business.

The appeal of radio on hold is understandable, especially if you already have an advertising relationship with a particular station. After all, you probably chose to advertise on that station because you thought that’s where you could reach your target audience. You might have even had one of the DJs out to your business for a live remote. So why not just extend that relationship to on hold?

First and foremost, your are violating the copyright law when you play radio on hold. The performance of music over telephone lines is defined as a public performance under U.S. Copyright laws. Accordingly, in order for the performance of copyright protected music to be lawful, the copyright owners or their representatives must license it to the user. AMS Music, BMI, and ASCAP are the three largest representatives for music copyright owners, and they actively enforce the provisions of this law. Copyright infringement fines range from $500 to $100,000 apiece.

Second, you are missing a real opportunity to distinguish yourself in customers’ minds. The radio will entertain callers when you put them on hold. But is that all you want to do? An effective on-hold message spotlights your competitive advantage and sets you up as the clear choice over your competition.

Speaking of the competition, your callers could be hearing the competitions’ ads while you have them on hold. Why give them that open door to consider going someplace else? Thats’ the third reason to not play radio on hold.

A successful on-hold message gives you a strategic advantage by informing every caller about why they should do business with you. Hold for Less offers several options for custom on-hold messages and players to suit any need.

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